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We have many years experience in the automotive sector, and are happy to share our knowledge!

Sell ​​or buy a car, motorcycle, trailer, pick-up truck or other vehicle that rolls, we’ll help you!

We can help you

It is important to feel safe when you sell or buy a car.

 As a buyer, you can be sure that the car is approved by the Swedish Motor Vehicle Inspection, and that there are no debts relating to the car.

What makes us better is both selling and buying, in Sweden and abroad!

And financing can be arranged!


if you want to sell your car please contact us via the appropriate phone numbers or send your information about the car so that we check if there are queries that correspond to your car, otherwise we put the ad on the website!

You can keep of course  using your car -except when we have to show it to a serious buyer!


Many feels worried about buying an used car.they analyze If the car is correctly valued, Who owns the car? Is there any residual payments? Is the seller serious? Should I buy privately or from a car dealership? Can I get funding? These questions are as numerous as the traps.

The car is a major investment, which can easily lead to unforeseen expenses. So, by our experts, you can avoid a lot of trouble! We are very careful with all the information about the vehicle. We do not own any of the items we send, but we work only on commission.

We can also help you buying cars that are between 8 months and 3 years old, and that are about 30% cheaper than normal market prices.